Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

WOW!  This weekend was amazing and greatly needed.  Everyone knows that the Med School journey doesn't allow much time or money for vacations and splurges so we have to get creative.  We usually just hang out at home and watch movies, do housework, or run errands but this weekend we got out and enjoyed the first bit of beautiful weather we've had in quite some time.  

We didn't spend any money other than a few dollars in gasoline for the car and we had so much fun.  This weekend felt like a vacation and great adventure.  It really was a breath of fresh air.  

I have to say that the hiking was my favorite.  I'm a little sore today and it's probably just from my fall.  My right ankle received a slight injury, but it'll be fine.  I don't believe it'll get in the way of my running too much.  My rear-end is really sore from the fall too.  Sadly, I keep looking to see if there's a bruise.... that's how bad it hurts.  My right arm is sore from all the tennis we played on Friday.  This has taught me that it's time to start lifting weights.  Yep, folks.... I'm headed to the gym to start pumping iron again.  

Here's what we did this weekend in case you missed my previous posts....

  • David worked in the morning
  • Leftover Mexican for lunch
  • Went to Target to purchase new tennis balls
  • Tennis at Francis Park
  • Walked Ethan at Blackburn Park
  • Trader Joe's
  • Sams Club
  • Sloppy Joe's and guacamole (David- tortilla chips; Me- soy crisps) for dinner
  • Watched Casablanca

  • Breakfast and lots of coffee
  • Drove to Weldon Springs, MO 
  • Hiked the Clark Trail
  • Gave Ethan a much needed bath
  • Mesquite Grilled Chicken, Asparagus, and fancy cheeses (Gouda, Havarti, and Brie) for dinner (Aren't low-carb diets the best?!?!)
  • Watched Dumb and Dumber

  • Breakfast (David- basil pesto and mozzarella omelet with a side of grape tomatoes and fresh pineapple; Me- Greek yogurt with banana, dried blueberries, and creamy peanut butter) and lots of coffee
  • West County Mall
  • Sports Authority (I purchased a couple new running outfits...YEEHAW!)
  • Light housework (finally cleaned the oven)
  • Cocktail shrimp, steamed broccoli with cheddar, and fancy cheeses for dinner
  • Watched the Oscars
I LOVED our weekend adventures!!!  
Why can't ALL weekends be this much fun???


Behrmans said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Your dinners sound so yummy. Love that you were able to get out of town. Next weekend Eric has the whole weekend off so I'm excited about that.

Roach Momma said...

Sounds fun! Our weather was nice Saturday, but rainy Sunday - blah.

Since when is cleaning the oven "light housework"? ;)

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