Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 4 - OKC MM Training

18 MILES - DONE!!!  

Lisa, Matthew, and I started running just a few minutes after 5:30am.  It was going to be just me and Lisa, but Matthew was a little concerned about us 2 girls being out there by ourselves, so he joined us.  He's so nice!  We ran 6.3 miles and were back at the boathouse for announcements with the rest of the Landrunners.  After announcements and a bathroom break, we went back out to complete our mileage. 
It also wasn't easy, but we got it done.  Also, there are hills out there on that trail.  My average moving pace was 11:11/mile.  I was under 10:30 until we stopped.  It's those long breaks that absolutely kill my time.  Luckily, when we run the marathon we won't be making a 20 minute stop for announcements. 
It was a great day for running with friends.  I kept seeing different friends along the route and I'd talk with them for a bit and then I'd see somebody else and run/talk with them.  Aunt Amy was even out there and she successfully completed her 12 miles.  I am so PROUD of her!  She's doing so good!

I didn't ride after my run yesterday and I ended up regretting that decision.  I really wasn't sure how I'd feel after running 18 miles.  My day just ended up being somewhat relaxing and definitely unproductive.  Today, I rode my bike with a friend over to Coffee Slingers.  It was a short 8 mile ride, but it was wonderful.  The weather was fantastic!  We had so much fun.  I'm already looking forward to biking again next weekend.  In fact, I may see about biking during the week if the weather will be nice.  I really do believe that biking after running is the best medicine.  

Week 3 - OKC MM Spring Training

Well, this post is obviously late, but that's the story of my life right now.  I'm super busy and pretty much behind with everything.
Week 3 of spring training was tough.  I ran 15 miles of hills at Mitch Mountain (aka Mitch Park).  I ran 5 with Lisa before the rest of the group showed up.  They were scheduled for 10, so we finished with them.  It is so dark out there!  Luckily I remembered just how dark it would be so I made a special trip to Lowes the night before for a headlamp to wear while running.  Yes, I'm a nerd.... big time!  
The run was pretty good until I hit 13.1 miles (a half marathon).  At that exact moment my mind was finished.  I was frozen and so were my water bottles.  I just wanted to be done and go somewhere warm.  Mile 14 seemed to be the longest mile I've ever run in my life.  Seriously, it would NOT end!  Anyway, I finally hit that 15 mile mark on my Garmin and I was DONE.  What a relief!  The 15 miles with the hills and sharp turns felt like a 20 miler.  It wasn't pretty by any means, but I got it done.  

After my run, I quickly went home to shower and change.  I then placed my bike on the back of my car and drove to a friend's house.  We rode our bikes from her house to Whole Foods for some grocery shopping and lunch.  It ended up being a total of only 10.5 miles.  We had a great time riding, shopping, and eating!  Plus, I'm convinced the biking helps me recover from the long runs. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have a new perspective on running distance.  The past 3 half marathons that I've participated in have had absolutely awful weather.  They have been super cold and wet.  Here's the breakdown.... 

1.  The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon had a freakishly cold thunderstorm blow through (complete with a torrential downpour or rain, lightening, and hail!) on May 1, 2011.  
2.  The Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK on Nov. 20 was freezing cold and misty.  The cold winds were brutal!
3.  The Dallas White Rock Marathon on Dec. 4 was freezing cold with heavy rain the entire 13.1 miles.  

These aren't my favorite running conditions by any means.  There is one group of people that I believe have it much worse than us runners.  Can you guess who?  My vote is the spectators, entertainers, and people who are there just to cheer us on and support us.  Can you imagine standing in those cold nasty conditions for several hours?  Well, I sure know I wouldn't be out there if I wasn't running.  I'm so grateful for each and every person that has been there to support me and all the other runners during these races.  
Now, because of the weather we haven't had quite the support that there usually is when the weather is good.  You don't really realize just how important the spectators are until they're not there for you.  I remember saying that making it through 13.1 miles without much of a crowd was one of the most difficult things ever.  
As my mileage has increased, so has my perspective.  The past two weekends I have run at least a half marathon.  I did this without any crowds there to cheer me on.  It was just me, the road, and some other runners.  Now, look how far I can go all by myself!  This sure puts a new spin on things.  Love it!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 2 - OKCMM Spring Training

Week 2 was AWESOME! I really enjoy these early morning runs because I can look up at the stars in the sky (I start running at 5:30-5:45am) and a little later I am able to see the sunrise over the lake.  It's quite the sight!  
Here's PROOF that I made it 16.1 MILES!!!  My Garmin does't lie!  : )  

I'll also mention that after my run, I quickly went home to shower and was back at the lake by noon for a Classy Ladies Cupcake Ride.  We dressed up (skirts, dresses, and all!) and rode from the lake over to a cupcake shop in the Classen Curve.  Our total mileage was 12.56 MILES.  I loved it so much that I'm doing it again next week, except that we're having lunch at Whole Foods this time.  Mmm.....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 1 - 2012 OKCMM Spring Training

The Landrunner spring training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon officially began today.  It started at 7am and the full marathoners were scheduled to run 6 miles.  Since I have another run before the OKCMM, I met up with some of my friends at 6am to run additional miles.  My totals were 4.5 and 6.32 making my morning run a grand total of 10.82.  I didn't have any problems until I was about a mile out.  My right arch felt as though it was collapsing again and my left foot felt like somebody was standing not it. I stopped and tried stretching it all out for a few minutes.  It didn't completely solve the problem, but it did make it feel a little better.  
Over 300 runners/walkers of all paces/levels showed up for the training run this morning.  My friend, Amy, attended.  She went to Tulsa with me for the "Race Into The New Year" 5k.  That was her second 5k to ever run.  This morning she ran the entire 6 miles!  You have to remember that the 6 miles was for the full marathoners, so she's doing super.  I told her that now she must run the OKC half marathon.  I know she can do it!
I also met up with Aunt Amy this morning.  We both have our eyes on the prize and are training for the OKC full marathon.  I ran with her for a bit today and she's doing awesome.  She's a true athlete!  
After the run, the Landrunners met at Starbucks for our usual post-run treat.  We must have taken 50 group pictures.  It was so fun!  I'm really looking forward to running with the group again next week.  
300+ runners!

Me with my Aunt Amy

Me with my friend, Amy G.

Me with some of my fellow Zebras

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Schedule

To say David's holiday schedule was really tough would be an understatement.  He left our home every day by 4:30 am for five days.  The poor guy would grab a protein bar on his way out the door and not eat until he'd arrive home in the evenings, which was about 7 pm.  I should probably mention that he's been working in the ICU.  ICU!!!  I sure wouldn't want a doctor working on me if they were starving, dehydrated, and sleep deprived.  The next morning I made sure he had little snack bags of non-perishable items to place in his coat pocket.  I know a homemade trail mix isn't the healthiest and most filling thing out there, but it does the job.  
Last night David arrived home and I asked him what he'd like me to heat up for dinner.  We had leftover ham and chicken so it would have been an easy fix.  He then tells me that he's to tired to eat and wants to go straight to bed.  Blerg.  
On a happy note, he was able to sleep in until 5:30 this morning.  Woot woot!   I'm positive he'll work over 80 hours this week, so hopefully there will be a week in the month somewhere that he doesn't work quite that many hours.  
Now, it's been a rough 5 days, but at least he had off 5 days for Christmas.  Yes, it was gloriously wonderful to feel like I had a husband for a whole 5 days!  Now it's back to being a Resident Widow.  Time for a run!

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