Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Half Marathon #3

I registered to run my third half-marathon.  This one will be a girls road trip with my friends Ann and Lisa. I'm so excited to run another 13.1 and do some serious shopping in Dallas.  We're going to have a blast!

I encourage you to register for the Dallas White Rock Marathon.  

This half-marathon will help me focus to reach the 13.1 necessary base to begin my full marathon training.  Yes, I'm registered for the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 29, 2012.  I'll be running 26.2 miles!


Please VOTE for my BEACH COOKIES over at Sweetopia.net. They're featured in Sweetopia's Sweet of the Week Contest.  

It would be pretty amazing to win since this is only a hobby for me. My cookies are competing against creations by people who are actually in the baking business for a living. : ) Happy Voting! Thanks so much!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitchen Update

Jenn= 0; Ceiling fan= 1
Note to self: turn OFF the fan before getting on a ladder/stool to paint.

The orangish drab color is gone!  Take a look...
 This deep plum will look great behind my milk glassware.

It's a HAPPY gray!

I'm not calling the kitchen complete yet, because it's not.  I'll touch up a couple of areas with paint and our new SS Professional Range will be delivered at the end of the month.  We're planning on purchasing a matching SS dishwasher soon too.  We just haven't officially decided on one yet.  For some reason, dishwashers don't have very good reviews so we're going to have to conduct more research.
I'd like to eventually distress the cabinets and replace the light fixtures.  That'll all have to happen AFTER we move in.  I still need to pack up our apartment and put everything in boxes so it's ready for the movers.  Thankfully this will be the last move we'll make for a very long time.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kitchen: In Progress

I'm (yep, just me so far!) painting the kitchen in attempt to brighten it up a bit. 


In progress.... the primer has been applied.

I'm also painting the breakfast nook.  The previous color was fine and all, but I really want to make this space feel more open, fun and cheery.  
Stay tuned for updates!

Refinished Floors

Our decision to have the hardwood floors refinished 
was well worth the investment.  They are gorgeous!



Monday, September 5, 2011

Christmas In September

Here's what we've purchased this weekend:

Front-loading Washer
Front-loading Dryer
Elliptical and mat
Weight Rack and mat
Decorative Iron Fence to keep Ethan (our Yorkie) safely in the backyard
40" Stainless Steel Electric Range

The flooring company we hired started on our floors Saturday, Sept. 3.  They look and smell like new!  I picked out the stain already.  It was a tough job.  Oh, my!  The job should be completed this week.
After the floors are done, I'm hoping to hire a painting company to do a custom paint job for us.  It'll be awesome if we can afford it.  Everything is adding up so quickly.  It's exhausting, but fun and very nice to feel like a real adult again opposed to a college kid.

We still need to purchase a microwave, coffee table & end tables, kitchen table & chairs, and a grill.  After all that, I think we'll go on a spending fast for a while.
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