Monday, September 5, 2011

Christmas In September

Here's what we've purchased this weekend:

Front-loading Washer
Front-loading Dryer
Elliptical and mat
Weight Rack and mat
Decorative Iron Fence to keep Ethan (our Yorkie) safely in the backyard
40" Stainless Steel Electric Range

The flooring company we hired started on our floors Saturday, Sept. 3.  They look and smell like new!  I picked out the stain already.  It was a tough job.  Oh, my!  The job should be completed this week.
After the floors are done, I'm hoping to hire a painting company to do a custom paint job for us.  It'll be awesome if we can afford it.  Everything is adding up so quickly.  It's exhausting, but fun and very nice to feel like a real adult again opposed to a college kid.

We still need to purchase a microwave, coffee table & end tables, kitchen table & chairs, and a grill.  After all that, I think we'll go on a spending fast for a while.

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