Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitchen Update

Jenn= 0; Ceiling fan= 1
Note to self: turn OFF the fan before getting on a ladder/stool to paint.

The orangish drab color is gone!  Take a look...
 This deep plum will look great behind my milk glassware.

It's a HAPPY gray!

I'm not calling the kitchen complete yet, because it's not.  I'll touch up a couple of areas with paint and our new SS Professional Range will be delivered at the end of the month.  We're planning on purchasing a matching SS dishwasher soon too.  We just haven't officially decided on one yet.  For some reason, dishwashers don't have very good reviews so we're going to have to conduct more research.
I'd like to eventually distress the cabinets and replace the light fixtures.  That'll all have to happen AFTER we move in.  I still need to pack up our apartment and put everything in boxes so it's ready for the movers.  Thankfully this will be the last move we'll make for a very long time.  

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