Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Days 19 - 20

Day 19
Post-Yoga Note: Another DOUBLE! I drew a heart on today's sign because I was praying Lisa would show some love to her yogis. She certainly did through super high heat and LOTS of push-ups. We will all thank her this summer. : ) Stayed for meditation with Desirae. It was soulful. 
After yoga I felt spontaneous so I went to my in-laws. We had lunch and began tree planting. I had to take a photo because it reminded me of what Desirae talked about during meditation. Made me smile! This 30-day challenge is incredible! = ) Looking forward to another session in the morning.

Me with a tree that was to be planted that day. 

Day 20
Post-Yoga Note: It was a fabulous class!!! I had success with my right side crow and am finally believing that a solo hand stand is in my near future. I think it's becoming more of a trust issue than a strength issue at this point. Yoga is rockin' my socks off! 

Missed tonight due to a faculty meeting and housework overload. I'll go tomorrow night and miss again on Thursday due to another commitment. Even if I only miss those 2 days and finish strong, I'll end up with 36 classes. I've become such an exercise flake over the holidays, so I'm super pumped about being so devoted to it again. Thanks to all my fellow yogi friends!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Days 12 - 18

Day 12
I was wearing my yoga capris under my sweats.  Ready or not, day 12 was here! 

It was cold outside, so here I am all bundled up.  
Post-Yoga Note: I'm done... meaning that I hope I have enough arm strength to carry my shopping bags to and from my car today. So sore! ; ) Desirae wears me out every time. That's a good thing! = ) Excellent class!  Keep smiling, everybody!!! Tomorrow is a new day!

Day 13
I went straight after work so I didn't have a photo op. 

Post-Yoga Note: Black & Blue. I don't remember if I was hopping back to plank or what, but I felt a horrible pain shoot through my metatarsophalangeal joint. It was bruised almost immediately and is swollen a bit. I'll be alright! 
: ) 

Lauren's class was so good! I appreciate that she encouraged us challenge people to be nice to our shoulders if they were hurting. Missed my yogi buddies tonight, but met some new yogis. Stay strong and enjoy the journey, friends! 

Day 14
Can you tell how much I'm loving this?  I even went and purchased more yoga clothes.  I was getting tired of wearing the same pair of capris and same 3 shirts every time.  Shopping was good to me!  I found several pairs of pants/capris, a top, and a vest. The top and vest are for my yoga commute.  It's far too hot in there to wear it during yoga. 

Post-Yoga Note: Holy Block! I'll be alright if I never see a yoga block again. That thing kicked my butt! Felt stiff and wobbly tonight. I guess that's to be expected of a yoga newbie after two solid weeks of hot yoga. Tomorrow begins week 3. 
; )

Day 15
I went straight after work again and didn't have a photo op. 

Post-Yoga Note:  Halfway! I am receiving so much from these classes on a very deep and personal level. ; ) Attended the Yoga Fit tonight.  We used weights so it was pretty intense!!!  Since I'm a yoga newbie and a 30-day challenge participant, I didn't use weights the entire time.  I listened to my body and took it easy.  
Missed my yogi friends tonight, but was able to spend some time with my husband this evening. It was a good day!

Day 16
Post-Yoga Note:  HYDRATION is key!!!!! Yep, definitely need to consume more water and sodium the rest of January. I was by the thermostat tonight. It said it was 99 degrees. Is that for real?!?!

Day 17
Post-Yoga Note:  PAIN!  I could really use some pain meds right about now.  My wrists, forearms, elbows, and shoulders all hurt. I didn't expect class to go too well, but I ended up doing pretty good.  LOVED this class taught by Shana tonight.  

Day 18
Yep, I pretty much rolled out of bed and went to yoga.  It wasn't pretty! 

Post-Yoga Note:  Push-ups, push-ups, push-ups!!!!  I became so tired of all the push-ups that I actually collapsed to my belly at one point and giggled.  It was so hard!!!  These aren't ordinary push-ups either.  The sequence was inhale to plank/high push-up, exhale to low push-up, inhale to chaturanga, and exhale to downward facing dog.... I think.  It's difficult to remember the breathing without actually doing it.  
; )
 Day 18, Round 2!
Came home and showered after my morning session.  Also cleaned both bathrooms, swept and scrubbed some floors, cleaned lots of photos/mirrors/windows/etc, roasted brussel sprouts, cooked bacon, washed and cut up red/orange peppers, washed and cut up celery, and even managed to squeeze in some rest time before my afternoon session.  

Post-Yoga Note:  Super refreshing session!  

The weather was BEAUTIFUl so I had to sport some shades on my way to yoga. 

LOVE 3-day weekends!!!!!  Especially when they involve lots of YOGA!  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Day 11

Day 11 
Frog pose sounded pretty cute until I felt the burn. Youtube it.  We did the advanced frog pose.  

Below is a photo of me displaying the Wheel Pose, also known as a back bend.  It feels fantastic!  I love a good stretch.  

Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Bow or Wheel Pose)

Strengthens the arms, legs, abdomen, and spine, and gives a boost of energy.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Days 8-10

Day 8
"Dolphin push-ups" are not my friend..... yet. Great class tonight! It was extra HOT!!! Need to drink even more water tomorrow and probably something with electrolytes.

Day 9
 last single digit! Great class tonight with Shana and my fellow yogiis. Miserable with my Gaiam mat so I purchased a Manduka Pro after class. So excited to try it out tomorrow night!

Day 9

Day 10 
Officially 1/3 of the way through my challege. Tried out my new mat tonight and I'm in LOVE! Fantastic class with Lisa! 
I'm really, really enjoying yoga (even though I'm sure I look like a goof with absolutely no coordination or flexibility). Already pondering what class packages to purchase this spring and looking forward to unlimited yoga this summer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Days 6 - 7

Day 6
I decided I needed to make a sign because I was no longer skilled enough to hold up the proper fingers AND take a picture.  = )  It wasn't even paying attention to my sign, so yes, it's backwards.  Sorry about that! 

Day 7
Do I look tired yet? 

 It was cold and raining outside, so I threw on my rain boots, scarf, and jacket.  
I'm also sporting my new Lulu bag in this photo.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Day 4 & 5

I've officially attended yoga classes 5 days in a row!!! I am making it a priority and I love it!

Day 4
Day 4 Yoga Challenge: Arm Balance Workshop. 
Learned so much from a fabulously fun instructor. Great quote from tonight: "Nothing lasting is built upon shaky ground, so build a strong foundation for yourself and those around you." 

Day 5
Day 5 Yoga Challenge: A sweaty mess and then some. 
Just when I thought it wasn't possible to sweat any more, I did somehow. ; ) I'm learning so much through this challenge.

I was wearing my yoga capris under these pants.  It' cold out so I often layer and then shed when I arrive to the yoga studio.  

Friday, January 4, 2013

30-Day Yoga Challenge

That's it!  I've officially lost my mind.... and it's WONDERFUL!  As if marathoning weren't enough... I've now signed up for a 30-day yoga challenge.  I better mention that it's HOT yoga.  If you're not sure what it is, feel free to google it.  : )

The requirement for this challenge is that I must attend yoga 30 times between January 2 and February 6.  They only allow you to double up (2 classes in 1 day) twice.  

Some poses feel great and others hurt like heck.  All of that running sure took a toll on my body.  Every time we do a stretch that involves my right IT Band I almost fall to the floor in pain.  I just try to shake it out and move on.  

Speaking of running... I am NOT running all month.  I've decided I really need to repair and recover from 2012.  I would even like to run for the sake of running again and not because I'm training for another marathon.  I'm also avoiding processed foods.  So, what it boils down to is that I'm basically doing Paleo, but with occasional soy (unsweetened soy milk) and some dairy (Greek yogurt and half and half).  

Here are some pics to document my journey...

Day 1
Day 2

Day 3

The highlight of Day 3 was doing a HANDSTAND.  Not a headstand..... an actual HANDSTAND.  Meaning that only things touching the ground were my 2 hands and my feet were in the air.  I was upside down!!!  
This wasn't something I thought I'd do anytime soon being so new to practice.  The instructor is a former high school classmate of mine.  She's amazing!  Well, she wouldn't take "No" as an answer or accept any of my valid excuses from me tonight.  She helped me achieve a handstand.  Now, I just need to become gutsy enough to actually do it on my own.  WOW!  What a day! 

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