Saturday, June 30, 2012


I've had quite a few cupcake orders this year.  
Everybody LOVES them!  
My most recent order was for a birthday party for a 10 year old.  These cupcakes were a lot of fun to make.  

In case you're wondering..... the cupcakes and icing are ALWAYS from scratch.  I do NOT like boxed cake mixes.  Ick!
Have I ever mentioned that we live within walking distance of my favorite bakers supply store?  Well, we do and it's quite convenient.  I've really enjoyed going there earlier in the day this summer.  I like not having to wait in line to check out.  

Today marks a special day in history!  I was asked to cater a 50th Birthday party!!!  I was so flattered!  That's quite the compliment.  : )

Color Run 2012

I signed up months ago to participate in the Color Run in Tulsa, OK.  Travel arrangements were made and then changes happened.  No biggie.  
I decided to ride up with my friend, Amy, for the event.  We left her house at 4:45am on June 23 and drove to Tulsa.  The drive there wasn't so bad because we were super excited about the Color Run. 

 Amy and I had just arrived to Tulsa and were ready to be COLORED!  I sewed us matching Zebra headbands the night before the run.  It only took me about 5 minutes to sew each one and they were super comfortable.  

The starting line! Well, we weren't at the beginning.  TEN THOUSAND people of all ages and abilities participated in this event.  They released the participants in waves beginning at 8am.  Our wave didn't start until almost 9am. 

We were starting to get impatient!!!

The excitement started to pick up a bit as we approached the starting line.  The Directors were throwing out bracelets and COLOR!  Would you believe that I caught a bracelet?  Well, I did!  It must have been meant to be because I never catch anything.  I just stuck my right arm out there and claimed it.  It's like it was headed straight for me.  It was effortless.  Too funny!

Color was starting to be splattered at the starting line!

About half way into the 5k.  

 FINISHERS of the Color Run! 
This was a silly fun event.  It was only a 5k.  There were no chips and it wasn't timed.  No pressure!

Yep, I'm a mess!


Some of my fellow Landrunners and OKC Zebras & Zebros.  

We had lunch at McNellie's after the run.  The rest of the group was there, but didn't make the pic.  lol!
We were so tired!  Do we look it?

RPSA Girl's Night Out

I try to be as active with RPSA (Resident Physicians Spouse Alliance) as my schedule allows.  During the school year it can be pretty tricky, but summer time is great.  We recently had a Girl's Night Out to Iguana Mexican Restaurant for Tuesday Taco Night.  Tacos are only $1 each!  

 My 2 tacos.  One was fish and the other was garlic chicken.  DELISH!  
I forgot to mention that we still received bottomless chips and salsa.  They have the best salsa in town!  It tastes garden fresh!  Mmm.....

A very, very small crowd showed up for this event, but that didn't matter because we had an awesome time. It was actually really nice to have a small group that evening.  

I am proud to announce that I will be Co-President of RPSA this year with my friend, Amy.  She's now a 4th year Ortho Wife and just started her first job as an RN.  She travelled to Tulsa with me for New Years where we ran a 5k.  Since then, I've convinced her to run a half marathon.  Guess what?  SHE DID!!!!  I am so proud of her!  We also traveled to Tulsa last weekend for the Color Run.  Oh my!  That post may be next.  = ) 
I am really looking forward to spending more time with my friend, Amy, this next year.  We have already brainstormed many great ideas for RPSA.  


So, I took a sculling course in mid-June.  It was fantastic!  I LOVE rowing and it's a wonderful cross-training sport for me.  

A little over a week ago, I went out with my friends to watch them practice for competition at the OKC Riversport Regatta.  There are 8 women that make up their cooperate team.  I took the sculling class so I could sub on the team this summer if somebody's on vacation.  There should be plenty of opportunities in July since the Regatta was today.  
LOVE it!

 I was invited to go out on the Launch.  The Launch is kinda like the Coast Guard or something.  They are the safety boat and there always has to be a Launch nearby when somebody is rowing.  I felt pretty special, because not just anybody is allowed to be on the Launch.  Woohoo!  
I took photos of my friends with my phone and caught some rays.  Being on the water is so refreshing!

They had an incredible practice!  These are some tough women!!!

Cheesecake with Brownie Crust

OH MY GOODNESS!  This cheesecake was absolutely divine!

It was only my third cheesecake to ever make.  The top was smashed a bit from the foil in transport.  
I've now made this cheesecake with a spongecake crust, an Oreo crust, and a brownie crust.  Pretty sure the brownie is my favorite.  I look forward to experimenting with different cheesecake flavors.What should be next?  Should it be raspberry swirl?  Peanut butter swirl?  Or even something else?  Oh, the possibilities!
This may be going on my list of offered baked goods.  = )

Neurology Graduation

We attended graduation for the Department of Neurology on June 16.  It was a wonderfully fun evening that featured a catered dinner, awards, and a roast.  We were out way past our bedtime with all of the post-graduation festivities.  

 We rode to the Skirvin with our fellow Neuro couple.  They are a blast!

 Always have a great time with my fellow Neuro Wife, Jamie.  She also runs!
I may be convincing her to run the Route 66 full with me this November.  : )

The happy couple!  Only 3 more years and he'll be graduating from Residency. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


"No matter what your opinion is on Obamacare. No matter your political leanings. No matter what philosophical agreement or disagreement you have with Obamacare. All people, especially physicians, need to understand the consequences of today's ruling. All autonomy, all power, all control of healthcare in the United States has just been relinquished to "for-profit" insurance companies and government bureaucracies. Granted, it's not all doom and gloom just yet. The actual practice of medicine and the day-to-day lives of patients and physicians is likely to go unchanged in the short-term. However, this isn't the issue. This is about control. All autonomy, all power, all control, and all decisions that are part of the patient-physician relationship will now only continue to exist as derived and allowed by health insurance companies and Medicare. In other words, all physician-patient decisions will now only exist as allowed by the businessmen, lawyers, and politicians.

Again, maybe you think this is the right direction for the country, maybe you think this is the wrong direction for the country, but we have to agree on the facts. The facts are that physicians have been squeezed out of their role as contributors to healthcare decision-making in this country. All power has been relinquished to the insurance companies and government bureaucracies."

Monday, June 25, 2012

Backyard Love

We've missed not having a backyard for 5 years.  Our current backyard is a huge upgrade from the one we had prior to apartment living.  This one was totally worth the wait!  

This is the deck right outside our sliding back door from the mudroom. 

Another view from close to the back door.
We spend a LOT of time out here.  = )  

 We seriously LOVE our backyard!  

Our small, but fabulous vegetable garden.  Next year, we'll turn this entire grass area into a vegetable garden.

Growing Organic

One of the things I missed most while living in an apartment was not being able to have a garden.  We haven't had a garden in 5 years, so we're a little rusty, but we managed.  = )  
This year we planted tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, and a bunch of herbs.  We had a storm that shredded all the plants pretty good, but they managed to pop back and produce for us.  All of our veggies are organic, meaning that we do not use pesticides.  Our veggies also don't have that wax junk on them like the ones you pick up at the grocery store.  

The cucumbers and zucchini have been the best we've ever eaten.  

Tastiest cucumbers ever!

 Me with our first zucchini.  

I either picked a large zucchini or we have a small dog.  = )

Our tomatoes are SLOWLY starting to turn red.  Finally.   
In the meantime, we've been enjoying a nice supply of tomatoes from our neighbor's garden.  Have I mentioned that we have THE BEST neighbors?  Well.. it's TRUE!  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Race Volunteer

After the OKC Memorial Marathon, I took a little over 5 weeks off from running.  So I volunteered at my next marathon instead of being a runner.  It was a blast volunteering for the Andy Payne Memorial Marathon!  
Here are some photos.....

Funny face!!!  I was there 2 hours before the race started to help with setup and packet pick-up.  Things were starting to get a little crazy because I may have been a little sleep deprived and envious of the runners once I started working the water stop.  

 Me and Jessica

 Some of my volunteer buddies

 I even went to the store to buy the supplies to make PBJ sandwiches for my running buddies that ran.

We had the BEST water stop that day.  SO much fun!

Restaurant Review - Cafe do Brasil

If you've never been to Cafe do Brasil (Oklahoma City) for their weekend brunch, you're missing out.  We've been there a few times, but it was enough to know that's where I wanted to go for my Birthday Brunch.  My menu item is pictured above.  I usually order a more traditional Brazilian entree, but I decided to try their Eggs Benedict this time.  It was outstanding!  I believe it's the best eggs benedict in town. If you know of an eggs benedict that can top theirs, please let me know immediately.  = )  

David ordered the Hangover.  It's scrambled eggs with chorizo with a side of fancy beans, potatoes, and tortillas.  It's amazing!  We usually share this and order a cheese roll on the side and are both completely satisfied.  

Now, pick a date on your calendar and give Cafe do Brasil a try.  Feel free to give me a call because I'd probably drop everything and meet you there.  
You can thank me later.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Earlywine ULTRA MARATHON Update

Feelin' good today! My legs don't feel too soar, but that's probably just because my severe sunburn is far more painful at this point. Six applications of SPF 50 sure didn't do much. My legs also look pretty gross from the Purpura and Petechiae. The endurance run was beyond awesome! I may actually be crazy enough to do it again and shoot for more mileage.... and I'd actually train for it. : )
I thought I had heat rash or some sort of allergic reaction.


 This was only one toe.  I have several other blisters.  OUCH!

Marathon #4: First ULTRA MARATHON, Earlywine Endurance Run

On June 9, I celebrated my 32nd birthday by doing something health and fitness related. I participated in my first Endurance Run.  I am now an ULTRA MARATHONER!!!!! 

I ran 33 miles! Yes, 33 MILES.... 33.11 to be exact!  
A mile for every year and one to grow on. : ) 

My friend, Willie, announced to everybody at the starting line that I was the birthday girl and in leading them in singing Happy Birthday. It was absolutely PRICELESS!!!!! I think I need to buy him a beer! 
All day long people were wishing me happy birthday.  I felt pretty special.  It was an absolute blast!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all my running buddies for encouraging me to push past my "limits" and believing in me. A year ago I was still 95% sure I'd never run a marathon. Just since March 2012, I've run 3 full marathons, a 25K, and an ultra marathon of 33 miles. You all have my sincerest gratitude and appreciation. I look forward to hitting the pavement with you again soon!

The temps were starting to heat up

                     Me with my running buddies, Jenny and Ralph.  
This photo was taken when we were approaching the finish line 
on my final lap.  I was about mile 32.8 at this point. 

 Supporting my OKC Zebras!

True Story!

LOVED reading everything on this sign.  

I changed shoes and clothes half way through.  
I also applied sunblock 6 times, but you'd never know it. 

Here I am running with my friends, Jenny and Ralph.

You had to run a minimum of a 50k or 50 miles to earn this super cool belt buckle.  It's some serious BLING!
Since I'm a slow, social runner, 
I signed up for the 12-hour, but only wanted to get in 32 miles. 

33 MILES and I'm still smiling!!!!!

I think I earned a post 33 mile birthday meal.  = )

Me with a celebration beer at Big Truck Tacos.  
Don't worry, I only drank 1/3. 

My HUGE birthday post-run BTT feast!!!!

My eyes are always bigger than my belly..... especially after a long run.

Sooo.... I bet you're wondering if I'll do it again.  Hmmm.....
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