Monday, June 11, 2012

Marathon #3: Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

This marathon was originally going to be my first.  It ended up being my third.  
It was also my 3rd marathon within 57 days and 2nd within 15 days.  I was worn out!  

Here are some photos from my journey...

A group photo with my fellow Half Fanatics

Here's a bunch of us OKC Landrunners

Me with my running buddy, Lisa, before the race.  It's tradition that I take a giraffe arm pic. = )

 Me with Kathleen, Lisa, and Silver.  LOVE my fellow Landrunners!

I had my very first sponsor!  Sara Sara Cupcakes sponsored me!  How awesome is that?!?!?!  
If you know me at all, you'll know I'm a food snob.  If it's not absolutely amazing, it's not worth eating.  I am super picky with cake.  I haven't even cared much for the taste or texture.  Well, I discovered Sara Sara a year ago.  Their Judge Joe Cannon cupcake is my favorite.  It's banana and has sliced Snickers on top.  The texture, consistency, and taste is unlike anything else I've ever experienced.  I told the owner a year ago that I would run for cupcakes and I wanted one when I crossed the finish line.  I had to be sure they were open on Sundays.  Ha!  Let's just say that I have been a very loyal customer and will run extra miles just so I can eat their cupcakes.  I was absolutely honored to have them as my sponsor.  Thank you, Sara Sara Cupcakes!!!!  

 A nice refreshing beer from a nice family in Edgemere.

 Her sign made me laugh. 

 Gorilla Hill!!!!

 This was the split.  It's where the marathoners divide from the half marathoners.  I spent the last 2 years taking the route to the left and running the half.  I always became so emotional thinking about what those full marathoner were about to endure.  WOW.... I was a full marathoner this time.  Incredible.  
 Me and Aunt Amy

 Absolutely Positively HALF WAY THERE!!!!!!  

 Me and Amy at the finish.  
Amy completed her first marathon.  
We are FINISHERS!!!!!

 Me with my local hero and Olympic qualifier, Camille Herron.

 I visited the medical tent for the first time.  They drained this nasty blood blister and loaded me up with some meds.

 David and I hosted a post-marathon celebration party.  Here I am with my friends Ann and Ralph.

 A bunch of my running buddies! 

 LOVE my Landrunners!

 Family FINISHERS!!!  Me, Amy, and Caleb all completed the full marathon of 26.2 miles.



.... And I reached my ultimate running goal!!!  

OKCMM was my final qualifier for Marathon Maniacs.  
Marathon Maniacs is THE most exclusive marathoner's club.  
I had a dream and conquered it.  YES!

What's next?  

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