Sunday, June 24, 2012

Restaurant Review - Cafe do Brasil

If you've never been to Cafe do Brasil (Oklahoma City) for their weekend brunch, you're missing out.  We've been there a few times, but it was enough to know that's where I wanted to go for my Birthday Brunch.  My menu item is pictured above.  I usually order a more traditional Brazilian entree, but I decided to try their Eggs Benedict this time.  It was outstanding!  I believe it's the best eggs benedict in town. If you know of an eggs benedict that can top theirs, please let me know immediately.  = )  

David ordered the Hangover.  It's scrambled eggs with chorizo with a side of fancy beans, potatoes, and tortillas.  It's amazing!  We usually share this and order a cheese roll on the side and are both completely satisfied.  

Now, pick a date on your calendar and give Cafe do Brasil a try.  Feel free to give me a call because I'd probably drop everything and meet you there.  
You can thank me later.  

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