Monday, June 11, 2012

Marathon #4: First ULTRA MARATHON, Earlywine Endurance Run

On June 9, I celebrated my 32nd birthday by doing something health and fitness related. I participated in my first Endurance Run.  I am now an ULTRA MARATHONER!!!!! 

I ran 33 miles! Yes, 33 MILES.... 33.11 to be exact!  
A mile for every year and one to grow on. : ) 

My friend, Willie, announced to everybody at the starting line that I was the birthday girl and in leading them in singing Happy Birthday. It was absolutely PRICELESS!!!!! I think I need to buy him a beer! 
All day long people were wishing me happy birthday.  I felt pretty special.  It was an absolute blast!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all my running buddies for encouraging me to push past my "limits" and believing in me. A year ago I was still 95% sure I'd never run a marathon. Just since March 2012, I've run 3 full marathons, a 25K, and an ultra marathon of 33 miles. You all have my sincerest gratitude and appreciation. I look forward to hitting the pavement with you again soon!

The temps were starting to heat up

                     Me with my running buddies, Jenny and Ralph.  
This photo was taken when we were approaching the finish line 
on my final lap.  I was about mile 32.8 at this point. 

 Supporting my OKC Zebras!

True Story!

LOVED reading everything on this sign.  

I changed shoes and clothes half way through.  
I also applied sunblock 6 times, but you'd never know it. 

Here I am running with my friends, Jenny and Ralph.

You had to run a minimum of a 50k or 50 miles to earn this super cool belt buckle.  It's some serious BLING!
Since I'm a slow, social runner, 
I signed up for the 12-hour, but only wanted to get in 32 miles. 

33 MILES and I'm still smiling!!!!!

I think I earned a post 33 mile birthday meal.  = )

Me with a celebration beer at Big Truck Tacos.  
Don't worry, I only drank 1/3. 

My HUGE birthday post-run BTT feast!!!!

My eyes are always bigger than my belly..... especially after a long run.

Sooo.... I bet you're wondering if I'll do it again.  Hmmm.....

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The Gray Roach said...

I'm dying to know how long it takes to run over 33 mi??? That is insane. Wow. And I would have had the whole beer and ALL the food. :)

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