Saturday, June 30, 2012

Color Run 2012

I signed up months ago to participate in the Color Run in Tulsa, OK.  Travel arrangements were made and then changes happened.  No biggie.  
I decided to ride up with my friend, Amy, for the event.  We left her house at 4:45am on June 23 and drove to Tulsa.  The drive there wasn't so bad because we were super excited about the Color Run. 

 Amy and I had just arrived to Tulsa and were ready to be COLORED!  I sewed us matching Zebra headbands the night before the run.  It only took me about 5 minutes to sew each one and they were super comfortable.  

The starting line! Well, we weren't at the beginning.  TEN THOUSAND people of all ages and abilities participated in this event.  They released the participants in waves beginning at 8am.  Our wave didn't start until almost 9am. 

We were starting to get impatient!!!

The excitement started to pick up a bit as we approached the starting line.  The Directors were throwing out bracelets and COLOR!  Would you believe that I caught a bracelet?  Well, I did!  It must have been meant to be because I never catch anything.  I just stuck my right arm out there and claimed it.  It's like it was headed straight for me.  It was effortless.  Too funny!

Color was starting to be splattered at the starting line!

About half way into the 5k.  

 FINISHERS of the Color Run! 
This was a silly fun event.  It was only a 5k.  There were no chips and it wasn't timed.  No pressure!

Yep, I'm a mess!


Some of my fellow Landrunners and OKC Zebras & Zebros.  

We had lunch at McNellie's after the run.  The rest of the group was there, but didn't make the pic.  lol!
We were so tired!  Do we look it?

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