Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Days 19 - 20

Day 19
Post-Yoga Note: Another DOUBLE! I drew a heart on today's sign because I was praying Lisa would show some love to her yogis. She certainly did through super high heat and LOTS of push-ups. We will all thank her this summer. : ) Stayed for meditation with Desirae. It was soulful. 
After yoga I felt spontaneous so I went to my in-laws. We had lunch and began tree planting. I had to take a photo because it reminded me of what Desirae talked about during meditation. Made me smile! This 30-day challenge is incredible! = ) Looking forward to another session in the morning.

Me with a tree that was to be planted that day. 

Day 20
Post-Yoga Note: It was a fabulous class!!! I had success with my right side crow and am finally believing that a solo hand stand is in my near future. I think it's becoming more of a trust issue than a strength issue at this point. Yoga is rockin' my socks off! 

Missed tonight due to a faculty meeting and housework overload. I'll go tomorrow night and miss again on Thursday due to another commitment. Even if I only miss those 2 days and finish strong, I'll end up with 36 classes. I've become such an exercise flake over the holidays, so I'm super pumped about being so devoted to it again. Thanks to all my fellow yogi friends!!!

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