Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Schedule

To say David's holiday schedule was really tough would be an understatement.  He left our home every day by 4:30 am for five days.  The poor guy would grab a protein bar on his way out the door and not eat until he'd arrive home in the evenings, which was about 7 pm.  I should probably mention that he's been working in the ICU.  ICU!!!  I sure wouldn't want a doctor working on me if they were starving, dehydrated, and sleep deprived.  The next morning I made sure he had little snack bags of non-perishable items to place in his coat pocket.  I know a homemade trail mix isn't the healthiest and most filling thing out there, but it does the job.  
Last night David arrived home and I asked him what he'd like me to heat up for dinner.  We had leftover ham and chicken so it would have been an easy fix.  He then tells me that he's to tired to eat and wants to go straight to bed.  Blerg.  
On a happy note, he was able to sleep in until 5:30 this morning.  Woot woot!   I'm positive he'll work over 80 hours this week, so hopefully there will be a week in the month somewhere that he doesn't work quite that many hours.  
Now, it's been a rough 5 days, but at least he had off 5 days for Christmas.  Yes, it was gloriously wonderful to feel like I had a husband for a whole 5 days!  Now it's back to being a Resident Widow.  Time for a run!

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