Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 3 - OKC MM Spring Training

Well, this post is obviously late, but that's the story of my life right now.  I'm super busy and pretty much behind with everything.
Week 3 of spring training was tough.  I ran 15 miles of hills at Mitch Mountain (aka Mitch Park).  I ran 5 with Lisa before the rest of the group showed up.  They were scheduled for 10, so we finished with them.  It is so dark out there!  Luckily I remembered just how dark it would be so I made a special trip to Lowes the night before for a headlamp to wear while running.  Yes, I'm a nerd.... big time!  
The run was pretty good until I hit 13.1 miles (a half marathon).  At that exact moment my mind was finished.  I was frozen and so were my water bottles.  I just wanted to be done and go somewhere warm.  Mile 14 seemed to be the longest mile I've ever run in my life.  Seriously, it would NOT end!  Anyway, I finally hit that 15 mile mark on my Garmin and I was DONE.  What a relief!  The 15 miles with the hills and sharp turns felt like a 20 miler.  It wasn't pretty by any means, but I got it done.  

After my run, I quickly went home to shower and change.  I then placed my bike on the back of my car and drove to a friend's house.  We rode our bikes from her house to Whole Foods for some grocery shopping and lunch.  It ended up being a total of only 10.5 miles.  We had a great time riding, shopping, and eating!  Plus, I'm convinced the biking helps me recover from the long runs. 

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