Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 4 - OKC MM Training

18 MILES - DONE!!!  

Lisa, Matthew, and I started running just a few minutes after 5:30am.  It was going to be just me and Lisa, but Matthew was a little concerned about us 2 girls being out there by ourselves, so he joined us.  He's so nice!  We ran 6.3 miles and were back at the boathouse for announcements with the rest of the Landrunners.  After announcements and a bathroom break, we went back out to complete our mileage. 
It also wasn't easy, but we got it done.  Also, there are hills out there on that trail.  My average moving pace was 11:11/mile.  I was under 10:30 until we stopped.  It's those long breaks that absolutely kill my time.  Luckily, when we run the marathon we won't be making a 20 minute stop for announcements. 
It was a great day for running with friends.  I kept seeing different friends along the route and I'd talk with them for a bit and then I'd see somebody else and run/talk with them.  Aunt Amy was even out there and she successfully completed her 12 miles.  I am so PROUD of her!  She's doing so good!

I didn't ride after my run yesterday and I ended up regretting that decision.  I really wasn't sure how I'd feel after running 18 miles.  My day just ended up being somewhat relaxing and definitely unproductive.  Today, I rode my bike with a friend over to Coffee Slingers.  It was a short 8 mile ride, but it was wonderful.  The weather was fantastic!  We had so much fun.  I'm already looking forward to biking again next weekend.  In fact, I may see about biking during the week if the weather will be nice.  I really do believe that biking after running is the best medicine.  

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