Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 1 - 2012 OKCMM Spring Training

The Landrunner spring training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon officially began today.  It started at 7am and the full marathoners were scheduled to run 6 miles.  Since I have another run before the OKCMM, I met up with some of my friends at 6am to run additional miles.  My totals were 4.5 and 6.32 making my morning run a grand total of 10.82.  I didn't have any problems until I was about a mile out.  My right arch felt as though it was collapsing again and my left foot felt like somebody was standing not it. I stopped and tried stretching it all out for a few minutes.  It didn't completely solve the problem, but it did make it feel a little better.  
Over 300 runners/walkers of all paces/levels showed up for the training run this morning.  My friend, Amy, attended.  She went to Tulsa with me for the "Race Into The New Year" 5k.  That was her second 5k to ever run.  This morning she ran the entire 6 miles!  You have to remember that the 6 miles was for the full marathoners, so she's doing super.  I told her that now she must run the OKC half marathon.  I know she can do it!
I also met up with Aunt Amy this morning.  We both have our eyes on the prize and are training for the OKC full marathon.  I ran with her for a bit today and she's doing awesome.  She's a true athlete!  
After the run, the Landrunners met at Starbucks for our usual post-run treat.  We must have taken 50 group pictures.  It was so fun!  I'm really looking forward to running with the group again next week.  
300+ runners!

Me with my Aunt Amy

Me with my friend, Amy G.

Me with some of my fellow Zebras

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