Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daily Eats

B: Coffee (2 shots espresso, 3 pumps SF vanilla Torani syrup, 1 1/2 Tbsp. half-n-half, hot water) and a Strawberry Shortcake Pure Protein Bar (8:30am)

D: Grilled Mesquite Chicken Fillet with cheddar, light mayo and pickles, brie with a few edamame crisps, unsweetened flattened banana with peanut butter, a few dark chocolate peanut M&Ms  (5pm)  = )

S: Pistachios

Nothing too exciting in today's menu.  I had a crazy fun weekend and there wasn't a lot of time for meals, so I spent a lot of time starving.  Luckily I was busy, so I wasn't able to pay too much attention to my hunger pains.  

The time change seemed to really mess me up this weekend.  I'm not one to normally have a problem with that stuff, but I sure did this time around.  My sleeping, eating, and exercise schedule is way off.  Hopefully I'll get my healthy eating habits back on track and make it out to the trail for a long 9-10 mile run tomorrow.  Let's pray the weather will cooperate.  

Happy Pi Day!!!

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