Friday, March 12, 2010

Daily Eats

B: Coffee (2 shots espresso, 2 pumps SF white chocolate Torani syrup, 2 pumps SF caramel Torani syrup, 4oz. unsweetened soymilk, hot water)
L: Tuna salad (Starkist pouch: 100 calories, 3.5 g fat, 13 g protein), 2% mozzarella string cheese, Gensoy soy crisps (salt and vinegar)
S: Iced Coffee (3 shots espresso, 4 pumps SF English toffee Torani syrup, 4oz soymilk, ice, water)
D: David's parents took us to Schlafly's  for dinner.  I wasn't real hungry because I ate such a late lunch so I just ordered a bowl of soup.  
Bison Stout Stew – 
a hearty blend of braised bison, vegetables and black barley; served with a cheddar chive biscuit
(I didn't eat the biscuit, but I did have a small taste)
S: Unsweetened flattened banana with peanut butter

Jenn's Tip of the Day:
I have been on an extreme cheese kick for quite some time now.  It tastes great and is satisfying.  I try to find 2% or lower fat cheeses.  My favorite LF string cheese (and I've tried a LOT) is the Sargento Natural 2% Mozzarella String Cheese.  I purchase it from Sams Club for about 6 dollars.  You can find them in the refrigerated case with all the fancy cheeses.  Each string cheese is only 50 calories and has 6 grams of protein.  That's fabulous!  
Cabot makes some great cheeses that are also low in fat.  One of my favorites is their 1.5% Pepperjack and I love their LF Cheddar.  I also eat a lot of light cream cheese and light Laughing Cow cheese.

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