Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekend Fun Ideas

I'm definitely one of those crazy people that makes a list for anything and everything.  It's so fun for me.  I could seriously be entertained for hours as long as I have a pen and pad of paper.  

Last night I was trying to come up with some ideas of cheap/free and fun things to do this weekend.  You see, the weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous and it would be stupid for me to not take full advantage of the sunshine and warmth.  So I made a list of Weekend Fun Ideas in or around St. Louis.

Here it is....

  • Run in Forest Park- FREE
  • Run along Grant's Trail- FREE
  • Run in Tower Grove Park- FREE
  • Hike- FREE or CHEAP
  • Go to the Symphony (They are playing The Planets, by Gustav Holst this weekend.  This is an absolute favorite of mine.  The first time I ever heard it was actually here in St. Louis in 1995 on my freshman band trip.  The SLSO does have reduced rate student tickets.)
  • Play tennis- FREE
  • Play frisbee- FREE
  • Go to the Missouri Botanical Gardens- FREE hours on Saturday before noon
  • Zoo- FREE
  • Science Museum- FREE
  • Art Museum- FREE
  • History Museum- FREE
  • Arch- FREE unless you want to ride the tram to the top; the grounds are beautiful
  • Old Courthouse
  • State Capitol
  • Orchard for fruit picking
  • Soulard Farmer's Market- FREE unless I buy food
  • Chesterfield- FREE unless I purchase something; there are tons of shops
  • Butterfly House
  • Sams, Costco, Whole Foods, etc- FREE to sample; plus it's fun to just look around
  • REI- FREE to look; that place is so fun!
  • Budweiser Tour- FREE 
  • Schlafly Brewery Tour- FREE
  • City Garden- FREE
  • Walk downtown St. Louis- FREE
  • Walk Central West End- FREE
  • Walk The Loop- FREE

This list is by no means complete, but these were just a few ideas of things I came up with as a possibility to enjoy this weekend.

What do you enjoy doing in your town that's free or cheap?

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