Thursday, March 25, 2010

Running Obstacles

Why do I have so many obstacles to deal with while training for my half marathon?  It's making it rather difficult to increase my mileage.  

Obstacles getting in the way of training...
1. Parathyroidectomy on Nov. 5 (long recovery)
2. Stomach bug, passed out, and suffered rib injury in January (long recovery)
3.  Today… SICK with a nasty head cold (please pass quickly!)

I really wish I could catch a break.  Tomorrow was supposed to be a long run day… 10 miles!  I wonder if it would hurt me too badly to go for it anyways.  I guess I'll see what happens with the weather and how I feel tomorrow.  Either way, I'm planning on running around Lake Hefner in OKC on April 2.  I sure hope that goes as planned.  

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