Friday, March 26, 2010

Sick & Healthy?

I went to see my doctor today because I'm miserable with a nasty cold.  While I'm sitting on the exam table holding back my congested coughs, wiping my watery eyes, and sniffling, the nurse proceeds to take my vitals.  I had a blood pressure reading of 94/62, a pulse of 64, and no fever.  
I'll say that again... a BP of 94/62!!!  AMAZING!!!  That's a long way from where my BP was 2 years ago.  Can you believe I was on BP meds?  Well, I was on them and it was horribly embarrassing.  So it's pretty awesome that I've completely turned my life around.  I've gone from a sedentary individual on BP meds to a highly active runner and super healthy eater that isn't on any meds.  Talk about a huge praise report!  
So, while I'm currently sick with a cold, I'm one of the healthiest people I know.  Go me!

Oh, and on a very, very sad side note... NO RUNNING until I get over this cold.  Blah!!!
Today was supposed to be my 10 mile day.... major bummer.  Hopefully I'll bounce back and be even stronger than I was before this cold.  = )

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The Gray Roach said...

Way to go! And you should rest. It's so hard to get over colds if you do too much. I had the flu for 3 weeks, thought I was better so I swam laps, walked outside in the wind, and did muscle pump class(these things in a two day period). I found myself right back with a fever and aches! Grrrr......

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