Saturday, May 1, 2010

Daily Eats

B: The usual... Coffee (2 shots espresso, 6oz unsweetened soymilk, 2 pumps sugar free coconut Torani syrup, 1/2 pump sugar free almond Torani syrup, 2 pumps sugar free white chocolate Torani syfup). I had 2 of these today. = )

L: Low-Carb PIZZA: A light original Flatout (made with 100% stone ground whole wheat) that's really low carb and loaded with fiber (6 carbs, 9 grams fiber, 90 calories, and 0 sugar). I topped it with Bertolli Alfredo sauce, fresh garlic, fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, artichoke heart quarters, mesquite grilled chicken pieces, shredded 2% mozzarella, and pizza seasoning from Penzey's served with a side of fresh broccoli and carrots. This was my hubby's plate... I only allow myself 1/2 a Flatout but load it up with a lot of toppings. YUM!!!

D: Egg salad with a bit of hickory smoked tuna thrown in on a romaine lettuce leaf along with a side of zucchini slices and tomato basil hummus (from Trader Joe's, of course!). This was David's plate. He's currently on a low carb diet too.

And then, there's me....

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