Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day #7

Yes, today was snow day #7 for my district.  

David and I were tired of being prisoners in our own home so we attempted a trip to Penn Square Mall yesterday.  The highways were alright for the most part but all of the other roads were horribly slick.  It seemed to get worse the farther east we traveled.  Many stores were closed and those that were open closed at 5 or 6pm.  It was odd, but very awesome to shop with so few people at the mall.  I've never seen it so dead.  
On a happier note, we made some fun purchases.  I spotted an awesome casual sports coat at Dillards for David.  It fit him wonderfully and he loved it so it's now part of his wardrobe collection.  We also purchased a couple of OU jerseys and I bought some OU sleep shorts.  Now, as much as David is excited about all of these purchases, he's most excited about his new UGG slippers.  I really am not kidding!  I have two pairs of UGG boots and always go on and on about how toasty my feet are.  He's been jealous that he didn't have anything to keep his feet toasty warm, so I've been trying to convince him to get his very own shearling slippers.  He finally took my advice and said it was the best $100 he's spent in a long time.  LOVE it!  
The main store I needed to visit while at the mall was Teavana.  I was completely out of Earl Grey black tea.  So I bought some of that and also bought some Earl Grey white tea to try.  It's really good and is 100% decaffeinated.  It keeps me cozy warm.  Mmm.....
It was while we were at the mall last night when I was informed that we'd be out of school again today.  The news saddened me.  I love teaching, especially at my school.  I don't think I've taught a full 5-day week of classes since the first week after winter break.  That was a long time ago.  As saddened as I've been about missing school, it's been really nice to relax and hangout with Dave.  His time in OKC is almost over and he'll have to head back to STL.  We're treasuring every moment together.

I've been cooking and baking up a storm during the snow days.  I'll save that for a future post so all of my "wordiness" doesn't get in the way of those who are just waiting for my foodie posts.  lol! 

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