Thursday, February 10, 2011

SD #6: From the Kitchen

I made my special sugar cookies on snow day #6.  After making a batch of those, I decided I wanted to try making chocolate rolled cookies.  Here's a photo of the cookie dough taken with my iPhone....
cookies.... to be continued.

The past few snow days consisted of too many poor food choices.  I wouldn't let myself fall into that trap again.  So, I've decided to post my "Daily Eats" again for a few days.

BreakfastGreen Monster Smoothie-  1/3 frozen banana, frozen blueberries, fresh spinach, golden flax, vanilla protein powder, unsweetened Silk soymilk, water, and ice.
Lunch:  Green Monster Smoothie- same as breakfast, but in a fancier cup
Dinner: egg, 2% string cheese, Laughing Cow cheese, and baby carrots

I went to bed hungry.  : (  

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