Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nutella & Dark Chocolate

Today, Feb. 5, is World Nutella Day.  This was the perfect excuse for me to create another recipe. Sadly, my first attempt was a disaster.  I tried baking cookies with Nutella, but they didn't turn out at all. That was my first official failed creation.  My recipe creating was on an incredible no-fail streak, so it was about time.  It actually feels good to mess up in the kitchen for once.   

I did, however, use the rest of the Nutella to make a dip.  It would go fantastic with fresh strawberries or bananas, but I will be serving it with graham crackers at a party tonight.  The dip consists of Nutella, Philadelphia (no substitutes!) cream cheese, a splash of half and half, and a dash of salt. I whipped it all up with my nifty KitchenAid hand mixer and stuck it in the fridge to keep chilled before serving this evening. (And no, this stuff isn't low-carb or healthy by any means, so I don't eat any more than a small sample.)

Nutella Dip

Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Half and half
Salt, to taste

Combine equal parts Nutella and 
cream cheese in a mixing bowl.  
Mix well and slowly add  half and half (doesn't take much) 
to make it smooth and creamy.  
Add a dash of salt to taste.  
Refrigerate. Stir well before serving.  
Enjoy with fresh fruit or graham crackers.

Trader Joe's 72% Dark Chocolate is my absolute favorite.  And yes, I've eaten Godiva and numerous imported European dark chocolates, but TJ's is still my favorite.  Meet the beauty I purchased before moving back to OKC....  

17.6 glorious ounces of 72% Dark Chocolate
(cue sound effects:  "oooooooohhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhh")

 "Hello, Love!" 

 Melt nothing but the best.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters 
(Ingredients: TJ's Peanuts and TJ's 72% Dark Chocolate)
I also made...
 Almond Clusters
(Ingredients: Raw Almonds and TJ's 72% Dark Chocolate)

A taste of heaven!

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