Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting Off Right

The first day of 2011 included a cardio workout at the gym.  I was supposed to go for a run with my SIL, but we both had an excitement hangover from NYE.  We decided to skip out on the morning run today.  

I lounged at home in my pajamas and drank coffee for a few hours which was really nice.  David and I just relaxed and enjoyed the last bit of our break together.  We ate some leftovers from our NYE shindig.  It was all so yummy!  After a while we went to the gym for a workout.  He mostly did strength training and I did cardio on the elliptical.  It felt great!  I forget how much I love that machine.  Hopefully I'll have my own someday.  

The year is off to a great start as far as exercise goes, but we need to work on our food.  I know once all the leftovers are gone, we'll do much better.  At least there aren't any sweets here.  Whew!  
I'll have to post recipes soon so you'll know what I'm talking about.  I've been making some delicious goods.  Mmm...

Oh, and I must mention that OU won the bowl game.  I told you this was going to be the best year.  BOOMER SOONER!

Happy New Year!

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