Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

I woke up at 5:30am today thinking that I'd prepare for school as normal.  Luckily, some dear friends of mine made a post on my facebook wall to inform me that my school district had canceled school for the day due to icy roads.  I saw this on my phone before I started getting ready for the day.  THANK YOU to all who were looking out for me.  = )  

This snow day is truly a blessing in disguise.  I REALLY need to go to the doctor, but wasn't going to take a sick day to do that.  I have far too much going on at school right now and I absolutely hate to miss, especially without advance notice. So, I'll be calling a new doc when their clinic opens at 9am and hopefully they'll be able to squeeze me in this afternoon. I'm not getting out on these dangerously icy roads this morning.  Safety first!

My "snow day" will be filled with coffee, blankets, hot yummy food, baking cookies, watching movies, creating PowerPoints, and going to a new doctor. I may need a day off after today. jk ; )

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