Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cookie Compositions

 A sweet friend commissioned me to bake these cupcake cookies cookies for her granddaughter's first birthday party.
 Cookie art is a step-by-step process that 
requires a great amount of patience.  

In the above photo, I iced the bottom "cupcake liner" with white and added pink dots 
while the white icing was still wet.  It dried as one smooth palette.  
Once that dried completely, I added the white lines  on the cupcake liner.   
I colored the royal icing by using the neon gel food coloring.  The colors turned out beautifully.   I'll definitely be using the gel food coloring again. 
I used Wilton's #3 tips, plastic couplers, along with their 12in. disposable bags.  
Clean up is a breeze!

Finished piping, now drying

In the above photo, I piped on the pink swirls last. 
 They dried raised because the rest of the cookie dried overnight.

I topped each cookie with a cherry flavored M&M that I had purchased at Christmas.  I just knew I'd find something fun to do with them.

 The finished product... Pink Cupcake Cookies!

 I added a bit of glam to the green cookies 
with a few edible pearl sprinkles.

These cookies were almost as big as my hand. 

"Ta da.....  "

My first order was for 2 dozen cupcake cookies and 1 dozen round cookies iced with pink and polka dots.  

I have a few extra cupcake cookies.  One was enjoyed by my in-laws last night, another will be shipped by my Grandmother on Tuesday, and I'm sure David will probably be happy to take care of the other three unless I manage to find a home for them.  With the remaining cookie dough, I baked small heart cookies and quickly topped them with icing.  
We were in a hurry to leave the house so I could purchase another pair of Uggs to run an errand.  
= )

If you're interested in learning more about cookie decorating, please visit SWEETOPIA.  She has many tutorials and step-by-step posts that explain everything.  Her site has helped me tremendously.

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