Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Residency Interviews: CHECK!

David's last residency interview was in Houston today.  YAY!!! He's only been on a couple of interviews there, but it seems like more for some reason.  Funny how that works!  

Tomorrow he takes the CS2 (Step 2: Clinical Skills... $1,000 for the exam plus we pay all travel expenses.) in Houston.  If I remember correctly, there are only 5 places in the entire world where you can take that exam.  Houston was obviously the best choice since he's been staying in OKC lately.  The other closest option would have been Chicago.  He would have loved that, but I would have been really jealous.  I do enjoy Chi-Town!  All of the other places are much, much farther away.
CS2 is the second part of step 2.  The first part is a written exam and he completed it this summer (It was only $500).  CS2 uses standardized patients aka actors (properly trained for this stuff) and he has to go through all sorts of "doctor procedures" with them.  He had to take his white coat and everything.  David is brilliant and has great bedside manners, so I am completely confident he'll be AWESOME.  I, on the other hand, hate exams.  Ugh.

I had great intentions of keeping track of all the expenses along the residency interview trail, but it became too much work with my job.  I'll be going through all of our credit card statements soon to create a spreadsheet in attempt to figure about how much this ended up costing us.  Sadly, we won't be paying back exactly what we borrowed, but a whole lot more because that interest really adds up.  Whew!  I can't dwell on that one or I'll end up in the funny farm.  Trying to keep it positive here!  ; )

David will arrive back to OKC tomorrow evening and he'll be here for a while before having to leave for STL again.  I'm dreading that time.  Man, this post is starting to get me down.  I guess that's a sign to call it quits for the night.  I'm just sooooo thankful WE are able to CHECK 2 MORE THINGS OFF THE LIST!!!  We are major excited about graduation... which is MAY 19, 2011!  

That's right, my husband will graduate medical school on May 19.  Let me know if you're interested in attending.  

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