Tuesday, January 4, 2011

13.1: Game Time

That's right!  My half-marathon training has officially begun.  I have been increasing my frequency of running, mileage, and other cardio workouts.  I'm crazy excited to be part of this amazing event and journey again.  Running in the OKC Memorial Marathon was one of the greatest moments of my life.  I am forever changed by that experience.  

I plan on meeting up with Oklahoma LandRunners this Saturday morning for a long run.  They're starting training for full marathon participants and will be running 6 miles.  Now, I'm only running the half, but this group is so fantastic that they actually accept runner/walkers/half-ers/etc.  I hope I can do as much as last weekend which will be a minimum of 3 miles.  I'd really love to run 4 miles (maybe a little more), but that'll depend how I'm feeling and the weather.  Listening to your body is so important.  Pushing too hard, too fast, can easily result in injury.  I'm pretty positive that's how I ended up with a knee injury 2 practice runs before I ran the half-marathon last April.  I hope I can be even safer and smarter about it this time around.

* 13.1 * 

I'd still like to run the full marathon, but I can't imagine finding the time and energy to train for all that while working a full-time job.  Seriously!  How do people do it?  
Please let me in on all the secrets if you have any.

Hope y'all have a Happy Wednesday!!!

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