Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a whirlwind of fun for me. I just wish it hadn't gone by so quickly.

Here's a bit of information about what we did...

Thursday (April Fool's Day!)-
Drove to OKC; dropped off my wedding rings at my jeweler so they could be resized; purchased a puppy sling from the pet boutique (photos coming soon!); David joined up with Randy for the Bachelor party; I saw my fav bro in-law at his place of work; drove up to my parents home; relaxed and had an enjoyable dinner with my fam; My Dad announced his retirement at work today. ; )

Friday (Good Friday)-
Celebration breakfast (Dad's retirement announcement) at Jimmy's Egg; shopping with my Mom (I got new running shoes at my favorite New Balance store) and made a couple great purchases; Starbucks with Mom; got ready for rehearsal dinner; drove to Iron Star in Norman; ate a delicious meal with the wedding party (David, my husband, was the best man); drove back to my parents place to get a few short hours of sleep.

I woke up at 4:45am, threw on my running clothes/gear, drove to downtown OKC and was there by 6am; Started running at 6:37am with the OKC LandRunners Club; Ran 12 miles along part of the OKC Memorial Marathon route; drove back to my parents where I got ready for Randy and Jenn's wedding; drove to Norman with David; went to La Baguette to meet up with Randy and pick up cakes; then off to the old train station where the wedding was held; Wedding; went to Red Coyote to pick up my prize t-shirt for completing my morning run with the LandRunners; went to the in-laws to see them for a bit; headed back to my parents for dinner, laundry, and packing; and finally sleepy-sleepy time


Sunday (Easter)-
Woke up and had breakfast with my parents with my folks (my Dad makes great eggs); the long, boring drive back to STL (8 hours!)

Here are a few photos for your viewing enjoyment...

My delicious plate of food at Randy and Jenn's rehearsal dinner at
Iron Star in Norman, OK
Jenn putting on her cake topper
David, Kevin, and Randy (the Groom!)
This is where the wedding took place.
R&J and J&R M&Ms... Too cute!
I caught the photographer in action. Holly and I went to HS together.
She's awesome!
Randy needed some assistance. = )
Almost married!
I sat in the very back so I could work the music.

Yes, I like feathers in my hair! = )

David and the Matron of Honor
I had a few bites of this Italian Cream Wedding Cake and it was sooo good!
This chocolate cake was sinfully delicious!!!

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