Friday, April 9, 2010

Daily Eats


B: Iced Coffee (2 shots espresso, 2 shots decaf espresso, 3 pumps sugar free white chocolate Torani syrup, 2 pumps sugar free caramel Torani syrup, 1 1/2 Tbsp. half-n-half, water, and ice), boiled egg, 3 giant strawberries, 2% string cheese, some peanuts and cashews

L: Tuna salad, 2% string cheese

S: Iced Coffee (4 shots decaf espresso, 5 pumps sugar free chocolate Torani syrup, a splash of peppermint extract, unsweetened soymilk, water, and ice)

D: Peaches & Cream Jello Salad, 2% cottage cheese, strawberries and a bit of Cool Whip, and I might have eaten a few small bites of a cookie (they've been in the freezer for months)... (my stinkin' emotions got the best of me tonight)

It was NOT a good eating day because of my stinkin' cookie bites and I ate too many nuts (too much fat). Tomorrow's mission = EAT MORE LEAN PROTEIN!

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