Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daily Eats...

has been on vacation! I've been in OKC and didn't have any time to post what I ate every day.

I went to OKC to run my first half marathon. My body used a ton of calories (energy) during those 13.1 miles and I did allow myself to cheat that one day, which was probably a bad idea. I ate a ton after the run, but I'll tell you more on that later. My metabolism must be going crazy right now because I seem to be much hungrier than the normal. My taste buds and appetite still would rather be on vacation that dieting again. Oh well... I still have work to do!
Today was my first full day back in STL and I've made horrible choices. I skipped eating something for breakfast, had a protein bar as a late lunch, an iced decaf sugar free vanilla soy latte as an afternoon snack, teriyaki chicken with edamame and carrot sticks for dinner..... followed with flattened banana and peanut butter (too much peanut butter) for dessert. And I might have even popped a few nuts in my mouth during the day (those little suckers add up fast!). Oops.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will be making better choices.
My parents treated me to several wonderful meals while in OKC. I didn't get a photo of everything, but here are a few shots I took with my phone...

Jimmy's Egg is my favorite breakfast joint in OKC. Dad picked me up from the airport and took me there where we had lunch with my Mom while she was on break from work.

I ordered a 2-egg Pineapple Express Omelette (2 eggs, ham, pineapple, and cream cheese)
with cottage cheese and fresh fruit.

Oh, yes! We also went to Jimmy's Egg for brunch the day before my half-marathon.

I had a 2-egg omelette with bacon (major splurge!), avocado,
and cream cheese with cottage cheese and fresh fruit on the side.

My Aunt Amy purchased my ticket to the Pasta Dinner the night before the marathon so I could hear her speak. They dished me up a huge plate of spaghetti, salad, breadsticks (turned those yummy things down kindly), 2 3-inch sandwiches from Quiznos, and a chocolate chip cookie from Carl's Jr., along with bottled water. I gutted the sandwiches and put everything on my salad. After I scarfed that down I ate the chunks of tomatoes from the spaghetti sauce (LOVE tomatoes!) and broke off a couple tiny pieces of the cookie. I gave the remaining cookie to my Dad. He loves chocolate chip cookies!
I'm so grateful I was able to hear Amy speak. It was a memorable evening!

I don't know if I could ever get tired of Jimmy's Egg. Yes, I did eat there
3 times at 3 different locations in 6 days.
After spending a couple of hours at the spa, my parents took me to lunch.
I ordered a 2-egg omelette with ham and swiss cheese
along with cottage cheese and fresh fruit.
It was AMAZING!!!

Thank you for treating me, Mom & Dad!!!

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The Gray Roach said...

Did you know Jimmy's Egg is owned by a Wichitan? Wink Hartman, a super rich dude, also a politician and owner of the Wichita Thunder, which Brent likes. :) I'm going to have to try that pineapple omelette, sounds interesting...and good.
It's amazing you ran over 13 miles. I can't even imagine how many calories you burned.

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