Saturday, April 10, 2010

Health & Fitness Expo

David and I went to the Health & Fitness Expo today at the Chaifetz Arena. It was packed with runners picking up their registration packets (bib number, time chip, t-shirt, etc) and loads of vendors selling running products. You could find anything and everything you'd ever need for running. Plus, there were several booths with food samples. I'm quickly learning that runners like to eat... A LOT. My favorite food booth was Cabot cheese. They handed out samples of their 1% cheddar and 1.5% pepperjack. The pepperjack is my favorite. I do LOVE me some cheese... especially since a large portion of my diet consists of cheese. I also enjoyed sampling a Larabar today. Those are something I'd have to be super cautious about eating because they really are THAT good.
Note to self: Never buy Larabars in bulk at Sam's because they'd be gone within a week.

So... my first expo was basically awesome. Not only did I gain an extra boost of inspiration and excitement, but I scored a few neat items.

Yes, I bought myself a couple of half marathon gifts....
now I'm really committed.
Hahahaaaa..... = )

Ready or not, OKC... This girl is comin' to run!

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