Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I don't remember needing a weekend so badly for quite some time. Yesterday we had our first school assembly. Yours truly (me) is in charge of all the planning. Everything turned out pretty well for our first run. There were only a few minor technical difficulties.
We opened up with saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the Norms Pledge. After the Pledges we all sang the Star Spangled Banner. Their little voices are precious!
I had everything on PowerPoint for the students. They loved it!
The biggest problem I encountered was with the stereo system. It's so old that it won't read burnt CDs. So... I just played the music off my Macbook and held the mic to it. It wasn't the ideal situation, but we made do.

I'm exhausted from working on my room, writing lesson plans, researching, and all the singing. My voice is actually pretty raspy from all the talking/singing. I sound like I have a cold. Ha!

Ethan and I slept in until 8am today. We were up several times during the night so I could really use a nap today.

Earl's BBQ emailed me a coupon for a $3.99 chicken dinner. I just went and ordered it to-go. There were several pieces of smoked chicken and I chose green beans and baked beans for my sides. It was so delish! Ethan may of had some too. The boy loves chicken!

I'm not sure what we'll be doing tonight. I wouldn't mind watching a movie at home and snuggling with my pup.

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