Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So, my birthday was June 9 and Jordon's birthday is August 8. We got together for a birthday celebration on Saturday, July 31.
I went to Shoe Gallery that day since it was Chris' (my bro in-law) last day. It was steamy hot out so I took him a cold diet Arizona iced tea. Treating him to a cold beverage was the least I could do for a guy who's hooked me up with some major discounts. Anyways, I was looking through all their clothes (think boutique clothes at Target prices) and mentioned that I was going clubbing with my BFF that evening.
Well, long story short.... Chris and his friend, Nick, came over and I drove us all to Bricktown. We partied for hours! I lucked out and found FREE parking. I also didn't have to pay any cover charges to get into the club and I sipped on FREE water with lime all night. So... I put my cash to good use and bought my "body guards" several beers. I enjoy living vicariously through others. Ha! They were in heaven! We had a lot to celebrate!!!
Once we were done in Bricktown, the party was headed up to north OKC. I was beat and just wanted to go to bed, but the boys gladly took my seat in the limo and rode with everybody else up to the next location.
We all had such an amazing evening. I think I may have to get together with Chris to party a little more often. Hopefully David can join us next time. = )

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