Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tuesdays are generally spent at home. We're still down to just having the one car, so I can't drive around town on Tuesdays. It's the one day that David travels between three different places. Yes, three!
Thankfully, my friend, Rachel, usually rescues me on my car-less days. We were going to walk along Grant's Trail today, but the weather was just too cold and gross. So, we went to Crestwood Mall to mall-walk. It's a very low-traffic mall which makes it perfect for walking. Today we went about 3 miles. After our nice walk we went to Starbucks for a good ol' Cup O' Joe. Yummo!
Rachel needed a couple of craft supplies so we decided to head on over to Hobby Lobby. That place is always dangerous for me. I could spend hours in there. I love it like a fat kid loves cake!!! Hobby Lobby is an Oklahoma based company and I'm so thankful they have a location here in St. Louis.

This afternoon I've just been doing some busy work at home. That's the one good thing about being stuck at home.... It's a little harder to avoid doing housework. Hehee....
I called my student loan companies, which always takes up a lot of time with little to show (*rolling eyes*). I also tidied up around here a bit. With the stomach bug I had for a while I never really fully unpacked since our trip to OKC. That's almost embarrassing. I guess I just try to live out of a suitcase while I'm here with the hopes of going home again soon. Ahhhh, I dream of being back in OKC again PERMANENTLY!

Here's a photo of my little boy. I'm so glad he cuddles with me.

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