Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Dangerous Gift

There's probably not a whole lot of things I'd say I'm good at these days. Call me modest, humble, or whatever. Well, I've recently been reminded of how good a shopper I am. Seriously! I have a GIFT for SHOPPING! I find the greatest stuff at the greatest prices. That could be dangerous!

Here's some recent purchases that totally fit the Med Wife budget.... errr, Christmas money:

Old Navy Tanks.... $1.49! They'll be perfect to wear while working out or running and to bed. Pretty sure I purchased 10 of them. I now have something to wear when the warm weather hits. Hopefully they'll still fit.

Heels... $12.??! I found them at White House Black Market (my NEW FAVORITE place to shop) and they're super cute. The regular price was $88.00. Umm, last I checked, Walmart didn't even offer heels for 12 bucks. I did GOOD!


Holly said...

Those are some stinkin' rad heels!! Love them!

April Tarver said...

I'm impressed! You definitely need to move back so we can go shopping again!

Jenn said...

Thanks, ladies!

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