Thursday, January 7, 2010

the Plague?

Warning: This one is gross! Not for those with a sensitive stomach.

No.... Not the plague, but it sure felt like it at the time.

We got home from OKC late on Saturday night. Sunday was spent going to the mall to get my watch adjusted at the COACH store and to Sams for some staple items. My stomach was very uneasy on Sunday and I was having some issues. Later that night while I was sleeping I felt as though I was going to be sick.... really sick. I went to the kitchen for a bowl and made my way back to the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom and reached for the light........ BOOM! I passed out! I was completely delirious and somehow fell next to the tub/shower area. That's not where I needed to be so I tried to get up to turn the light on and get to the John that was the opposite direction. And I passed out again! I was a fighter and finally made it to the porcelain throne. I was sick in every which way..... if you know what I mean.
Once that battle was over I made my way back to the bed. David looked me over and checked me out for dehydration. I was getting pretty dehydrated with all the sickness during the last 8 hours so he made me some diluted white grape Crystal Light with some added salt. It tasted horrible, but I knew I couldn't tolerate any Pedialyte or Gatorade even if we had some because of all the sugar. Well, what do ya know??? Up came the Crystal Light! While the Crystal Light was being rejected by my body my sweet husband was putting my hair in a ponytail for me. Now that's LOVE!!!
It was such a rough night. Luckily I had some Phenegran (Promethazine) left from the last time I was sick with this same sort of thing a year ago while visiting my BFF in Vermont. Sometimes it does payoff to be a pack-rat!
I still had some troubles all day on Monday. Tuesday was pretty good, but I had some problems again on Wednesday. It was so bad that I had to text David asking him to rescue me with some Immodium AD when he got home. You better believe I popped in two of those pills real quick.
Now I'm just left with bumps, bruises, and pain. It hurts to sneeze, cough, roll-over in bed, etc. I really did a number on myself. My right hip and right elbow have some nice shiners. I know I didn't break a rib, but I sure pulled some muscles in there. And to top it off my back hurts and is really sensitive. I'm just sore all over. It stinks!
My neighbor stopped by Tuesday night to see if he had some sort of wrench he could borrow. Well, David was still at the hospital and I don't know where he keeps any of that stuff. He moves it all time time. Anyways... back to my point. My neighbor asked if I was feeling better and I said no. I asked him if he heard a boom the other night and they did. I woke up both him and his wife. Oops! Sorry about that. If I had my choice I would rather have had a restful and uneventful nights sleep in my bed.
What did I have? Did I catch a bug? Was it food poisoning? I highly doubt it was food poisoning, but your guess is as good as mine.

So, for now I'm just recovering and hoping to can get back to my 100% again. I'm getting stir crazy and miss my workouts!

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Behrmans said...

that sounds awful so sorry you went through that.

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