Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Proposal

No.... not my proposal. = )

Our good friend, Randy, invited us to be part of a very special occasion. December 21, 2009 was the night Randy proposed to Jen. YAY!!!
This was also the 6 month anniversary of Jen's horrible accident with a drunk driver. She thought we were just getting together to celebrate her 2nd chance at life and amazing recovery. She had absolutely no idea what the evening had in store for her. I LOVE surprises!

FYI- Randy asked me to photograph the event. I took many photos during the evening so Jen wouldn't think anything of me having my camera out at just the right time. I'm sneaky!

Here are some photos from our memorable evening.

Me and Dave at my folks place before heading
out for an exciting night.

Aren't we cute?

Dinner at Abuelo's in Bricktown.
David was very happy to get to indulge in a delicious Mexican meal.

David was excited about his chocolate cream pie from Nonna's Purple Bar.

Randy asked Jen to sit by him for a "couples photo op".... he's good!
She had NO idea he was about to propose.


They were both so excited!

The Happy Couple outside Nonna's after the Proposal.

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Behrmans said...

that is so fun that you got to be apart of that.

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