Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 down, 8.1 To Go!!!

I completed 5 miles with a run/walk combo yesterday. I'd like to be running the full 5, but I was really set back with my parathyroidectomy and from the rib injury I suffered during my battle with a stomach bug. It seems like there's always something trying to get in my way.
Well, I'm not letting all my "set backs" set me back too much. I'm doing this half marathon whether I run, walk, or crawl. Crossing the finish line will be a huge accomplishment for me and that's my only goal. I must FINISH!
So I'm 5 miles in my training and have 8.1 to go. I'll be running/walking again on Monday and Wednesday this week. Hopefully I'll have the energy to make it to 6 miles. I'd like to be running/walking a solid 6-7 miles by next weekend. I've got to get back on track!

Any of you want to join me?

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