Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hubby!!!

was a GREAT day!

My husband, David, was born that day!

We celebrated his birthday here in St. Louis again this year. We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Thursday night. Neither one of us really enjoy fighting the crowds on Friday nights, so that's why we did the birthday dinner celebration a little early. We both had steaks and they were amazing..... as usual!

Today we had his birthday lunch at Blueberry Hill. It's a really fun place to eat here in St. Louis. I had the chef salad and David had the chili dog. You'd think that was enough, but I insisted that the birthday boy have some dessert. We walked across the street to check out FroYo. It's a lot like the Orange Tree that's back home in Edmond, OK. It's pretty good, but we still like Orange Tree better. David put together a scrumptious looking creation and I made a very small dish just for taste.

After grabbing lunch and dessert, we headed on over to the New Balance store. I've been telling David for months that he needed to go get fitted for shoes at one of the New Balance stores. We spent quite a bit of time in Famous Footwear yesterday and he didn't find anything. So, he finally gave in to my idea. I love it when I'm right. = )

He found THE pair of shoes. David isn't one to spend more than 40 bucks on shoes, so I had to do some convincing, but I won. He is now the proud owner of high-end New Balance shoes. Hopefully his feet will be happy during his surgery rotation.

After our big purchase we went to Whole Foods for David to pick out his birthday dessert. I traditionally bake him a cake from scratch, but we didn't think that was the best plan this year. He'd be the only one eating dessert and the oven would heat up the apartment too much. I despise store bought cakes, but Whole Foods actually makes great cakes. I kinda feel like a lousy wife for slacking off on my baking, but he didn't seem to mind too much. It just worked out better this way. David picked out a beautiful berry cake. I think he ate over half of it.... all by himself! He loves sweets!

After dessert, David opened his gifts. He received a card and money from my Parents and a card and money from my Grandma. Not too shabby! All I had for him were a few new ties. He'll be needing them for his clinical rotations this year. I'm looking forward to seeing him in dress clothes again. Woohoo! I know my gift sounds pretty lame, but he did recently get an iPhone. I don't think he's hurting too bad. LOL!

Anyways, it was a great day for the both of us. We had a lot of fun. I still owe him one more birthday gift..... I told him I'd see a movie with him in the theater. That's not something I normally do. Seeing a movie 1-2 times in the theater per year is enough for me. So, this is a big treat for him. Guess we'll be seeing "The Hangover" tomorrow. YAY!

Here are some pics from our day of celebrating.....

Very similar to Orange Tree
David was excited about his FroYo
David's creation
My small portion of their sugar-free FroYo (just to try)
A hamburger cake at Whole Foods
David wanted it, but it would take him days to finish.
Ethan waiting patiently for a taste of dessert
David's Birthday Cake!
He must have enjoyed the cake.
A funny card from my parents.....
....SO TRUE! ha ha
We let Ethan lick David's plate for a few seconds. = )

Oh my goodness! Only 2 days of summer vacation remain for David!
He starts his 3rd year of Medical School
on Monday.


Yia Yia said...

Looks like a really fun birthday. Kelsey and I are learning about the importance of good shoes, even if it means spending a wad, and it usually does. Kelsey had to buy good shoes for her injured ankle. I bought some because they make my feet so happy.

The Gray Roach said...

Happy b-day David! I am thinking of making a hamburger cake for Brent's b-day bash. They are too cute. I think I might make the "patty" with red velvet, then it will be a rare burger.

Mommy of Three said...

Just saw you had a blog =)

sounds like you guys had a great day. And i think you sound like a pretty darn good wife. i wouldnt bake either if i wasnt going to eat any,plus the temptation that would bring on. =)


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