Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All-Star Game!

The MLB All-Star Game is going on in St. Louis right this moment. It's so exciting!

We don't have tickets and wouldn't have gone even if we did. David is working some crazy long hours in his neurosurgery rotation at the hospital and we don't have time, but it's all good.

I just wanted to make a post about this since it's probably a once in a lifetime for us. The fact that we're living in a city where the All-Star game is taking place is pretty awesome.
Ya gotta remember that we're from O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A and we only have minor league baseball. So this is a BIG DEAL!

I hope this will make for a half-way interesting story to tell our kids, grand-kids, etc.... someday.


On a side note, I started my newest extreme diet 1 month ago today and I'm down 21 lbs.! I'm pretty happy with that number. The journey continues.

1 comment:

Lynsie Lea said...

YAY Baseball!! So glad the AL won it last night =) Jealous you live RIGHT THERE BY IT! And congrats on the diet plan so far... sounds like you're doing amazing!

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