Thursday, June 4, 2009

Testing in Progress....

Let's start off with a little side note today...
I'm not really sure how many people are keeping up with our blog these days. While I do enjoy sharing our journey with interested family and friends, I also enjoy typing up these experiences for my own personal reflection. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that today's blog is mostly for myself. You may read on if you'd like, but this is a day that should definitely be documented in the history book of David and Jenn. = )

David is taking Step 1
of the
United States Medical Licensing Examination
right now!!!

Last night was pretty rough. I didn't get much sleep. I was so nervous for David. He, on the other hand, managed to get in a solid 6 hours. That's pretty good sleep for someone with major insomnia problems.

I dropped David off at the test site at 7:25am. On the way there, we just talked about anything that would lighten the situation. Ya know, couple talk. I tried to encourage him as much as possible. I even said things like, "If so and so can pass this and be a doctor, then this will be cake for you." We had a few good laughs.

I was holding back the tears the entire way there. Why is this so difficult for me to handle? Well, there are multiple reasons. Being a doctor is David's dream! Of course, I always joke with him because I didn't sign up for this when we were married. This was never an issue or even a thought. We were living a completely different and very comfortable life back then. I was a band director and he was on the road to financial success. His goal was to become an investment banker. All I can say is that things change, passions change, and people change.

Also, we're already 8 hours away from our friends and family back home. If he does well, we have a chance at being a little closer for Residency. I'm okay with never moving back to OKC, but I would like to be closer when we start a family.

David is taking this exam at a very early date. Many Med Students aren't taking it until the end of June. I think getting it over with made him much more efficient in his studying. He didn't have time for distractions. He's been studying 16 hours a day. It's been rough on both of us. I wouldn't ever wish this experience on anyone. I sure don't know how military families survive.

After I dropped David off, I went to St. Louis Bread Co. (aka Panera) and treated myself to an everything bagel with plain reduced fat cream cheese. I could hardly get the thing down. I honestly feel like I handle stress worse as I age. I wonder if anyone else feels that way? Do they make medication for that? LOL!

Following Bread Co., I went to pick up my new glasses. It's crazy, but I never realize how bad my eyesight is until I can see again. These new spectacles are fabulous. I can see!!! Hopefully this will help with all of my squinting and headaches.

I'm home now and I feel like I'm sitting on pins and needles just twiddling my thumbs. I have thought about calling my mom, but I know that'll start a shower of stressful tears. There are 2 bags of laundry that I'm about to throw in the wash, but that will only keep me busy for a few minutes. I guess it's time to do a little more scrapbooking, cleaning, or packing. We're leaving for OKC in the am, and I've very excited. I only wish it wasn't such a long drive.

So, if you made it through this post, please add David to your prayer list and send him warm wishes/happy thoughts/lots of luck today. Our entire future rides on this exam.


Stephanie said...

Good luck! What a crappy test that was! Once you're through it all, you look back and wonder if you would do it again... I'm happy where I am now (finishing residency) but man, it's a tough road... For me, the worst part was the first few years of med school and Step 1 - then it all gets better!

LeaJnice said...

He will do great. He has been studying his butt off. I know I have been up most nights listening to him walk around sense I havent been sleeping well either. Just take a million deep breaths. You can relax after you get there this weekend. I think everyone I know is majorly stressed out. It will all be ok. Lea

Natalie said...

i mean, the Step 1 Boards are an excruciating process for the husbands, but that doesnt mean we as wives dont feel every ounce of pressure as well. in some ways, i feel more tortured because this is something i am absoultely POWERLESS to change... so you'll have to let me know what it's like to actually be finished and the pressure is off BOTH of you!!!!

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