Monday, June 1, 2009

Running Out of Time!

This is THE WEEK!

David takes Step 1 of the USMLE this Thursday. He's been studying 16 hours a day in preparation for this exam. It's awful and is no fun for either one of us. (I'm thankful I'm not the one having to study this much right now.)

We've been on opposite schedules since I've been back in town. He's been studying all night and into the day. I generally sleep at night and he's still studying when I wake up. Then I usually try to fill my day with something that's at least half way exciting so I don't start feeling too sorry for myself.

It's crazy, but because of our opposite schedules, I still haven't unpacked from my trip. I have been home for full 5 days! Every little bit of sleep he can squeeze in is very important, and I certainly don't want to disturb him. That suitcase is just gonna have to wait.

Here's what I've been doing to pass the time since I've been home from OKC:
1. Goofing off on facebook
2. Researching anything and everything that comes to mind while I'm on the internet
3. Scrapbooking
4. Shopping online.... A big NO, NO! = ) Hey, at least it's for gifts for other people.
5. Shopped, ordered, and picked up my new prescription shades
6. Chilled on the patio at Starbucks while listing to the great music on my iTouch. I even caught some rays.
7. Baked some cookies..... they're not really getting eaten though. We don't need them. ; )
8. Took Ethan to PetSmart to look around and waste time
9. Took Ethan on several walks
10. Texting friends and family back in OKC
11. Had the oil changed in my car at the Honda dealership
12. Dropped my car off at the tire place so they could remove a nail and patch the tire.... then walked home.
13. Made Ethan a grooming appt for this Wednesday
14. Went to the Dollar store because I needed a glue stick...they didn't have any, but I still made several purchases. Oops.
15. Went to Walgreens, found a gluestick, and bought a couple of other things. Another Oops!

David and I have tickets to a Cardinals game tomorrow night, but he's going to pass on it this time since his exam is so close. So, my wonderful friend, Lacey, was nice enough to agree to go with me. Her husband has to work that night, so we get to have some major girl time and check out the baseball boys. LOL!

The CARDS game is my next big thing to look forward to. I can't wait!!!


1 comment:

Lynsie Lea said...

Cards game, HOW FUN!!! love baseball. Hope you girls enjoyed your game!

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