Saturday, June 20, 2009

Somebody's gotta do it....

Maddy and Luke are such fun, loving, and sharing people that they came up with the brilliant idea of having a group honeymoon. So, a group of 60 went to Cozumel following the wedding.

David and I had planned to go for over a year, but the airline tickets were a little too ridiculous for us. So, we offered to house and dog-sit while everyone else was in Cozumel. Some people may think this is crazy, but this house & dog-sitting was like no other. Seriously!

We lounged by the pool, swam laps, enjoyed the hot tub, and played with the pups for a week. I know it sounds brutally challenging, but somebody had to do it. LOL!

Here are a few pics of us being sad that we didn't go to Cozumel.......
(I sure hope you can sense my sarcasm!)

Ethan hates showers and baths, but he loved this pool!

I thought this was cute

Me and Sophie (daughter of the newlyweds)

Ethan was one hot dog!

Me and Sophie again. We became buddies!

David with Ethan, Sophie, and Arnosh

I met my mom for some fro-yo at the new Orange Tree in Edmond.
It was absolutely delish! I tried the peanut butter, the cookies and creme, and the coffee.
The coffee was my favorite. Oh, and I just had to add some toppings. = )

This was my mom's creation. She tried the fruity flavors and added fresh fruit on top.
I think we both liked the peach the best. It tasted like a real fresh peach!

David and Ethan playing catch

Wet Dog!!!

Catching some rays!

Gotta get my Vitamin D - Doctors Orders!

Ahhh, so relaxing.

A special thanks to our wonderful friends for allowing us to house & dog-sit. It was so nice to be able to stay in OK for a week so we could visit our other friends and family, shop, and dine, then return to our "resort" for some relaxation. I think it worked out perfectly for all of us.

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Lacey said...

Ethan looks SO CUTE next to the pool! I wish I could see him swim. Awwwwww....

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