Monday, July 9, 2012


Today was especially fun!  I woke up, got ready, and met my friend, Amy, at Big Truck Tacos for breakfast.  I enjoyed the Sam I Am taco and we chatted about our lives as Resident Wives, our careers, running,  and RPSA stuff.  It's always great to catch up with Amy.

After breakfast I went home and worked on my window project.  I finally had just enough inspiration to get the design set and glued on.  It's nothing fancy because it's my very first one.  Hopefully there will be more to come.  I am hoping to finish up the project this weekend.  = )  

My friend, Christi, came and picked me up in her new car around noon.  I got to spend the entire afternoon with her and her 2 fun kiddos.  We went to Kaiser's for ice cream and then downtown to the splash park.  It was seriously fun!  Our friend, Kattie, and her daughter also joined us.  
You see, these ladies are super special to me because they are Resident Wives.... Neurology to be exact.  Yep, our husbands are in the same program, just different years.  It's nice to have women to talk to about all of this.  

I told you they rocked my socks off!!!!!

It was a super fun day of much needed girl time and kid time.  They all rocked my socks off today and I have photos to prove it!  

After returning home from my day of fun, I had to run to the store real quick and pick up one last ingredient for my banana bread.  When I arrived home I baked some chicken, baked banana bread, made coconut chicken curry, ran the dishwasher, hand washed some dishes, did some laundry, trimmed some bushes, and mowed the yard.  I'm exhausted!!!!  

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