Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I had to say my farewells to a wonderful friend. My KitchenAid Artisan mixer bit the dust.  I plugged it in and turned it on hoping to make some homemade whipped cream, but it was completely non-responsive. I did try other outlets and my DH started taking it apart, but it was no use.  I'll get it to the repair shop one of these days to see how much it would be to get up and running again.
My guess that I worked it to death and burnt out the motor. 
It was a super sad day.
Dec. 2004-June 2011


The Gray Roach said...

I'm so sorry! My Kitchen Aid mixer is my good friend too.

Kara said...

My official guest is that it's actually the switch, and not the motor. But I'm not really mechanical so that's really a wild guess.
My mother in law had her artisan switch replaced, I think it was about $75.
You've made a lot of delicious things with that little guy.

julia said...

Thats too bad! We have an orange one and love it. If you end up not getting it fixed... I would buy the bowl from you. We could always use an extra one! :o)

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