Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 15

Today's training run had 8 miles in store for me.  Here are a couple of photos of me with my running friends...
 Our run started out with a very chilly breeze.  Can you tell we were cold?

Enjoying some post-run coffee 
at Starbucks.  YUM!

Last Sunday I ran 7 miles with the Landrunners starting at 6:30am and then went home to do some laundry and eat lunch.  David's Aunt and Uncle picked me up at 12:30 and we headed to the Red Bud Classic.  Amy and I ran the 10k.  It was HOT!  I wasn't quite prepared for the heat that afternoon.  My morning run left me feeling really well, but once I started baking in the afternoon sun that feeling left.  There weren't enough water stops in the 10k.  I really should carry my own water when it's that hot outside.  The post-race food was lame.  They had a guy passing out chocolate milk next to the finish line.  The thought of chocolate milk after running 13.2 miles in the heat makes me want to vomit. Ugh....  Seriously... they had more sugar loaded foods than anything else.  I was disappointed.  I don't eat donuts, yogurt, granola bars, or ice cream shakes.  I ended up getting a banana for the road and ate cottage cheese when I arrived back home.  I've already told myself that I won't be participating in the Red Bud Classic next year.  I would love to volunteer but I'm not running in it.  Hopefully I'll remember that when the time comes.  = )  

Today's run was great.  It was breezy and cool, but I loved it.  I wanted to run 12, but was worried I'd end up getting lost near the official turn around.  So I just followed a few other runners that were taking a shorter route today.  I saw quite a few cops along Britton Rd.  I'm guessing they wanted to make sure we were staying safe out there.  I also saw a couple of firefighters standing outside their station gawking at all of us.  It was kinda funny.  So glad we could provide them with some morning entertainment.  ha.
I made snacks last night to share with my fellow runners today.  I took peanut butter honey oat protein balls and homemade larabars.  My "larabars" were made from dates, almonds, banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and oats.  They were sooo good!  My snacks were a real hit!  Mmm....  I'm currently wishing I had saved some for home.  
After making the goodies last night, I was washing the food processor and I sliced my finger open.  It was bleeding everywhere!  The wound looks awful, but it wasn't quite deep enough for stitches.  Oh, and don't worry, the food was prepared and put away before this happened.  ; )  I'm good with cooking, just not with cleaning.  Hehee....

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