Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Still Remember

4/19/1995:  I was in my 9th grade Algebra class at Edmond Santa Fe HS.  They were doing construction on our building and we thought there was a construction accident.  It even felt as if maybe a semi ran off 15th Street and into our school.  I looked out the south window that was open and began to see a cloud of smoke fill the air.  We didn't know that the smoke we were seeing was from the very blast that shook our school.  
That very morning my HS Band took off for Stillwater, OK for state solo and ensemble contest.  We were all so confused and heartbroken.  We didn't understand any of it.  That evening we headed to St. Louis, MO for our spring trip.  Little did I know that STL was where I'd end up living for 3 years of my life while married to the nephew of a survivor.
My husband's Aunt Amy is a survivor and a major spokesperson about that day.  I was blessed to run by her side last year in an event for the OKC Memorial Marathon.  As we ran our first half marathon together, she pointed out the names on the banners of everybody she knew.  She told me great memories of those individuals for 13.1 miles.  It was an emotional run.  Seeing her cross that finish line in honor of the 168 lives lost is something I will always remember.  

"We run to give to the Memorial. We run to involve the community, the nation, and perhaps th e world in the continuing process of coping with the tragedy of the past. We run as a step toward a better future."

I run to remember.

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